The new generation of leaders is here.

To me, community is the legacy, the school, and transmission. It’s traditions, family and friends, and the place in the world in which history has situated us. It involves resisting the events of the Shoah and the responsibility that no Jew will go through something like it again. It is the frame of my identity and inspires me to take care, reproduce, and convey it to future generations.

Maia Bornsztein – Argentina

My grandfather Abraham fled Poland in 1939 and 80 years later, I have the opportunity to take up a legacy, to build a better place and a community that will stay alive adapting to the changes of the 21st. Century.

Sebastián Palatnik – Argentina

Nothing is more gratifying than to work for my community. It means working for my family, for the wellbeing of my people, and it turns every action, no matter how small, into something significant.

Vivianne Tesone – Colombia

What prompts me to work in the community is, on one hand, my family’s example and education and on the other, a deep sense of Jewish-Zionist identity.

Gabriel Katz – Uruguay

I am stimulated not only because I belong, but also by the continuity of the new generations, the legacy of the preceding ones, Israel as-a big miracle, the major role of Jewish communities worldwide. In summary, I am deeply stimulated by the fact that I am part of the history.

Ariel Krok – Brazil